One Stop Shop for All Boat Needs

Twin Lakes Marine Repair LLC is your destination for your boat repair needs. We provide boat owners with premium quality parts and accessories. From 70’s makes to contemporary models, we service all kinds of boats, with parts available in our inventory, if we do not have it, we can order for next day delivery. We can assist with all outboard and inboard repair needs. We have top-notch equipment including diagnostic machines to read engines. From running small tests to installation of new engines, we do it all. We can also haul boats from your location to shop, please call on details of service area.

Hauling Services

For our customers’ convenience, we offer boat hauling services. We will haul your boat to the lake, get it in the water, dock it and have you ready for a great day on the water. We know how relaxing it is to get out on the lake and forget your troubles. When the day is done, we will remove your boat from the water and have you on your way. Contact us for more information about this service.

Winterizing and Summerizing Services

We will pick up boats for summerizing and winterizing. We can make your time stress-free by getting your boat ready and putting it in the water, so you can hop in and take off!  When the season is over we can also pick up and winterize. We can haul up to 30ft boats. Think of how much more time with family and friends you will have when we take care of the work.

Boat on water Rebuild Your Boat

Looking to give your pontoon or houseboat a new look? We do all kinds of structural non-cosmetic fiberglass work for various kinds of boats.  We also can order new furniture and install, so it can be like new.

Take a look at our repairing services and tell us what you need.

Want new detailing work for your inboard? See what we can do for you.